innovative solutions for growing demands

Health Policy Source, Inc. offers innovative solutions to help meet the growing demands of a complex and ever-changing healthcare environment. We specialize in federal healthcare programs including Medicare, Medicaid, the State Children's Health Insurance Program, implementation of federal healthcare reform and policies to address the uninsured and public health. With over 50+ years of combined experience in federal healthcare policy, our team possesses extensive expertise and a detailed understanding of the complex array of policies and programs, the political environment, and key decision-makers and processes, that empower our clients to drive solutions in Washington, D.C.

We offer a comprehensive, personalized set of services to meet the needs of our diverse set of clients, including staying ahead of cutting edge policy developments that will impact their bottom line, advancing legislative and regulatory solutions to address the challenges they face, and pursuing proactive engagement through grant and other programmatic opportunities. Health Policy Source, Inc. is also an industry leader in assisting our clients in understanding implementation of federal healthcare reform and responding to these policies in an organized and strategic manner.

We offer three fundamental areas of expertise that, together, offer the full suite of services necessary for our clients to successfully navigate the health policy landscape in Washington, D.C. First, we provide the consulting and intelligence gathering that is a necessary component of mastering an understanding of how the policy impacts client objectives. We provide real-time intelligence and periodic reports on essentially every development of meaningful importance in the healthcare space, in addition to monitoring and providing detailed summaries of any action on client-specific matters.

Second, we are uniquely qualified to assist clients in developing legislative and regulatory solutions and analyzing a variety of policy outcomes. With two former staff for committees of healthcare jurisdiction in Congress and a former official with the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services, we bring a depth of pragmatic, “real world” experience that few can match. This background also assists us in crafting advocacy materials that supplement these proposals to ensure they are effective with policymakers in Congress and the Administration.

Finally, we devise and execute innovative advocacy strategies that impact all levels of the legislative and regulatory processes. This includes key contact introductions and relationship development, as well as outside-the-box approaches that deploy political analysis, stakeholder engagement, and Washington-centric media relations. All told, Health Policy Source, Inc.’s services comprise the complete arsenal we believe is necessary in today’s complex healthcare environment to win success for our clients and ensure their sophisticated understanding and influence over healthcare matters in Washington, D.C.